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Monday, April 09, 2007

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

A lot of people believe that relaxation is the only benefit of an Epsom salt bath, but this is not the case. While the calming effects of an Epsom salts bath do undisputed, there are many more health benefits that you will want to consider the next time you decide to fill up the bath tub.

When you’re under a lot of stress—both physical and mental—your body’s muscles can tense up and create painful or restricted movement. This can lead to injuries as well as overall body fatigue. To combat this, an Epsom salts bath can be utilized. These salts help to drain out the toxins that are built up by this tension and help to release the overall soreness. Those that suffer from muscle spasms, arthritis and back pain can all benefit from an Epsom salt bath.

Because of this removal of toxins, there are other benefits to be had from an Epsom salts bath. The overall appearance of the skin can be greatly enhanced by regular baths using this kind of salt. By drawing out the unnecessary oils and allowing the skin’s chemical properties to come back into balance, the skin can look fresher than before. Some users of an Epsom salt bath have noted that they aren’t getting calluses and corns on their feet as often, nor are they susceptible to athlete’s foot as much. Other healthful properties that have been suggested include the prevention of eczema, psoriasis, minor skin irritations, itching, insect bite pain, burning sensations, and dry skin.

What’s great about an Epsom salt bath is that it can work in two ways for your skin: exfoliation or keeping the skin supple. The natural properties of an Epsom salts bath allow the skin to remain clear and supple with regular bathing, while the coarse texture of the salt can be used as an exfoliant on dry skin. You get two great qualities in one bath salt product.

We live in a society that does most of its work sitting down, hunched over a desk. But this is not what the body was meant to do, thereby; we are seeing more and more occupational injuries and work-related disorders. One of the ways to combat these stresses is an Epsom salts bath. With this kind of bath, the body learns to relax again at the end of a hard day and readjust to a more normal position. Combining warm water with an Epsom salt bath is the perfect way to end a hard day at the office.

One of the natural properties of an Epsom salts bath is that it increases the overall buoyancy of the body in the bath. This allows you to feel more relaxed than in a traditional bath where the body sinks against the water. In many ways, the Epsom salt bath allows the body to be cushioned in the bath and provides a more relaxing experience.

And it has already been mentioned several times that an Epsom salt bath is the perfect way to relax a mind and body. By adding a few drops of a favorite scent, you can instantly be taken to another place and away from your stress. Turn on some soft music and let your mind and body sink into the tub, freeing itself of soreness, tension, and stress.

While it may not be a surprise how good an Epsom salts bath is for you, all of these reasons may have been more than you expected—and that’s just all the more reason to give an Epsom salt bath a try.

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