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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mistakes in Bath Salts Recipes

One question many people have about bath salts recipes is what is the difference between a good recipe and a not-so-good recipe. The answer is not simple. There are many recipes that would be considered 'good', so the easiest way to deal with this question is to determine what is 'bad' in a bath salts recipe. Here are some more common mistakes...

  • Using liquid glycerin in bath salts - this ingredient is frequently included in many recipes (just search online - you'll find them), yet it is one ingredient that we would definitely NOT recommend. One of the many properties of glycerin is moisture-absorbing. While this can be useful when making lotions and lip balms, it is definitely a no-no when making bath salts. The end result is the glycerin drawing moisture from the environment into the bath salts and causing them to clump, leaving you with salts that would be more useful in a bowling alley than a bath tub!

  • Using food colorings in your salts - while this may work at first, you'll find that food colorings are definitely not the best when coloring bath salts. The colorant tends not to disperse evenly around the bath tub, and leaves you with nothing but wisps of dye instead of the aqua blue or a nice pink coloring the water. We recommend using proper colorants that are considered cosmetics safe.

You can learn more common mistakes by reading this article

Article:Bath Salt Recipe Mistakes

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