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Monday, July 17, 2006

Aromatherapy Bath Salts - Heighten Your Relaxation and Health

Aromatherapy bath salt is an excellent tool for helping to relax and rejuvenate the body. With just the simple addition of scent to ordinary salt, the bath time soak experience can go from ordinary to extraordinary, becoming a way to eliminate stress and fatigue that has accumulated in the body.

The reason why aromatherapy bath salt works so well is that it incorporates the use of aromatherapy. This is the use of scents in order to evoke certain feelings or emotions. For example, when you think of roses, so you think of love? When you smell cookies baking in the oven, so you feel hungry? Simply by using particular herbs and flower, aromatherapy works to change the overall mood of the one who smells the scent.

By combining a bath with aromatherapy bath salt, the overall effect of the scents is heightened. But there are many different aromatherapy bath salt combinations that can be made or purchased. And while it might seem good to have a little of each on hand, you may want to start off with an aromatherapy bath salt that focuses on your basic troubles or needs.

For the person that is struggling with stress, an aromatherapy bath salt soak that is made to create feelings of relaxation is the most effective...

Article:Aromatherapy Bath Salts Soak

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